Hello, returning to Linux or computer in general



It was 2009 when I was still running windows XP and took an introductory class in Linux.

After that I got my first iPhone, eventually switched to Android, but never had the need for a computer again, most of my basic needs have been taken care by powerful phones.

Recently I lost my job so I had to use my Windows 8.1 labtop to print a resume and found the experience to be painfully slow, so I decided to give Linux another try, I went with the Mint flavor.

and here I am, looking for help booting Mint, so nice to meet you...

I will post my questions on the new bee forum...

Originally I wanted to keep both, windows and Linux but I did something wrong and I believe Mint wiped out the whole hard drive, not even sure if I still have the windows recovery partition. I wish I could reinstall Windows, but am okay with the lost if it is gone for good...

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