Hello Linux world, my name is Rhedux


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Jan 14, 2021
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Hey everyone my name is Rhedux, and I'm new to this forum. I look forward to getting to know everyone on the forum and interacting with the community. I have a variety of interests from music to physics, from art to statistics.

I'm joining this community because I'm interested in making the switch over to Linux as my main operating system. I made a post on the getting started forum talking about where I'm currently at in the process- not far.

I look forward to making new friends, and being a part of this community. Hopefully my questions aren't too dumb!

See you around! :)

G'day @Rhedux and welcome to linux.org :)

Only dumb questions here are the ones that remain unasked.

Cheers and enjoy

Chris Turner
G'day Rhedux, Welcome to Linux.org

There is no such thing as a 'dumb' question....only a question which you have not asked and found the answer !
Nearly crossed beams Brian, they say that's dangerous, oh and ... snap
probably more dangerous than an unasked question is the two stampeding Aussies saying G'day to you at the exact same time !
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We have a lot of fun here, as you can see. But the Aussies (which includes Brian and me) are probably the worst.

But we do find time to answer serious questions ... seriously?
Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! :) Pretty funny way to get welcomed to a forum about Linux o_O

I'm based in California so it's pretty late here. I'm about to get off for the night. I heard that Australia's mascots are the Emu and the Kangaroo... because they can only move forward :cool: Not sure whether that's a real thing or something someone made up haha
Hopefully my questions aren't too dumb!
G'day and welcome to the site.
And as both @wizardfromoz and @Condobloke have already stated the answer so I won't.
They both are larrikins, but me cobbers for all that.
You asked about the Emu (Dinawan) and the Kangaroo (Wambuwuny) . In all the times that I have watched them I have never seen either move backwards.
I can understand why Wambuwany only moves forward as he uses his tail to move his hind legs in unison to move forward and to move backwards would be awkward as well as disrupting his balance.
As for Dinawan not real sure about his reason for not going backward but come to think of it I have never noticed any of the large flightless birds ostriches, cassowary walk backwards either, which may be related to the mechanics of the way they are put together.