Hello! I Want To Install Drivers 4 My HP Laser Jet 1010

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So it's better to install this drivers as a root?
I got the same problem as before:
PCL XL error
Subsystem: KERNEL
Error: IllegalTag
Operator: 0x1b
Position: 8


Unsupported Personalty: PCL

And What Should I Do?
Any advises?
look at this:
find in it ... the driver ... the "device settings" tab .... then the "PDL" key ... and there change the page description language from PCL XL to PCL 5e
sorry can you explain this little more wider
Fuck This! I give up! I cannot spend day after day trying to install fucking printer!
Fuck Linux! And that's my final word.
Hello Kubutek Asinski and welcome, I got your message.

I want you to follow my instructions exactly, if you can and report back.

For the benefit of The Viewers, Kubutek is using Xubuntu 19.04 'Disco Dingo', if her Profile is correct.

1. Open your Synaptic Package Manager - it is likely under Start - System, in your Menu

2. Go to Search (small magnifying glass, perhaps)



2. Click to search and type in hplip and press enter.



3. You will be presented with a window similar to the following



I am doing this from my Ubuntu 18.04 'Bionic Beaver' GNOME desktop, so the colour scheme and exact content may differ a little from yours.

We are looking for the line that says just


The (in my case) green fill in the little box at left means it is installed, and that should be so with yours too.

See Help - Icon Legend for what the colouring and icons mean.

4. Click the line saying hplip, and the lower pane, previously empty, will fill with details.



You can see where my mouse pointer is that you may have to scroll down to read all the details. Also there is a link to the Change Log for that package and a link to the home page for the package maintainers.


5. I want you to note down the version of hplip you have installed, and also whether the "Latest Version" beside it has the same details, or if not, the difference.

If you wish to continue with this path, please follow all the steps above and report back here for further instructions.

Bear in mind that I am on the East Coast of Australia and am 8 hours ahead of Cracow time, so I will be gone for dinner and the evening at 6:30PM my time, 10:30AM your time.

Look Man. I think you are just showing me another way to install hplip
Anyway hplip sucks for me. One time in some mysterious way I did
install German drivers GutenPrint, but how I did it, I can't tell you.

For me printing on Linux at home is case closed.
Linux sucks and everybody should know this!

using CUPS (Common UNIX Printing System - a printing device support system for systems based on UNIX architecture).
The first thing before starting the configuration is to check whether you belong to the "lp" and "lpadmin" groups by issuing the command:
groups user name
If not, add yourself (as an administrator) to these groups with commands:
adduser user name lp
adduser user name lpadmin

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@alkion - thanks for the input, but at this point, it may only further confuse rather than help - the printer is a Canon, the Distro Linux Mint, and the CUPS page is directed at Maintenance of an already installed printer, rather than adding a new printer. Nice video, though :)


Look Man. I think you are just showing me another way to install hplip...

Probably not a good idea to try to second-guess the Wizard, my mind moves in Mysterious Ways. :eek:

With my Screenshot 3 and Screenshot 4 earlier, I showed the references to my hplip package, which was version 3.17.10 on Bionic Beaver.

Yours on Disco Dingo may or may not be newer, but you have not told me - does not matter.

A few lines lower than the hplip line, you will see


... not installed by default. It follows the same version sequence.

The GUI (graphical user interface) frontend would if installed, appear in your menu, and it may be more user-friendly to install the printer than some other methods.

I have a couple of shots here, and bear in mind that I do not have an HP Printer



Don't mind the Device not found part - the rest is accurate, including

at Terminal, running hp-setup



( - featured in Alkion's video is the same thing)

... which you may have visited already, but there is more on this below.

The hplip-gui looks a bit like this



Personally, I think your best chance of success is with a different approach, as follows.


The two easiest ways in Linux to install a printer is if you have a PPD file or a .deb file (for Ubuntu, Linux MInt &c, if Fedora or other Redhat-based use .rpm file)

There is a .ppd file for the HP laserjet 1010 called


which you can get at




It is supposed to effectively deal with the problems you experienced with

But the question is how to change version od PCL from XL (6) to 5e ????


Unsupported Personalty: PCL

At the website, it says, in part

This driver is obsolete. Recommended replacement driver: hplip

It may be obsolete, but then the Laserjet 1010 is nearly so, also, and my research indicates this may work.

You'll note the comments there are those which were provided to you by my friend @Nik-Ken-Bah here


Indeed, a couple of posts further down in that Thread, he referred you to the exact same site :)

You gave no indication as to whether you have tried this downloaded .ppd.

If you do download it, there are at least two ways to use it:

1. Through your Xubuntu's printer setup (Menu - start typing Printers it will appear)


2. as a more direct approach through the CUPS website, and provide the .ppd when prompted.

If you want to try either of these approaches, pull the printer out of the bin, and let us know if/when you need help.

Linux sucks and everybody should know this!

I think 50,000,000 million users worldwide might disagree, and 49,000,000 of them likely came to us from Windows.

I leave you to remember 3 things:

1. You came to this site seeking help

2. You came to me asking for help

3. Bad language such as you have used above, and elsewhere, will not be tolerated, if you wish our help. Would you use that with your babcia and Dziadek? I think not, this is not Twitter nor Pinterest, nor Facebook.

Think carefully and choose wisely.

For the rest of my friends and our Members

It's Friday in Oz so to all and sundry

Enjoy your Linux and


or as root:
apt install hplip
apt install hplip-gui
I am not going to make you sad Guys, but can you delete my existence from this forum?

Last word I am saying to you is: MindRiver.pl
& buy Windows (Better Support)

Sad....it would be extremely doubtful that a 10 year old could actually make us sad.

When you eventually become an adult you may recognise that there was a time in your life when you behaved like a spoilt brat. That time would be now.

I feel quite sure the Moderator/s will remove your details forthwith.
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apt install printer-driver-hpcups
They will try to remove the printer and add it via the command:
hp-setup -i
Closing this Thread to input in a moment, prior to deleting this and the OP's other Threads.

Thanks to all helpers for their efforts.

Chris Turner

BTW - I'll leave it to @Rob to conclude the young lady's membership as he chooses. Thanks Rob.
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