Hello from Southern California!


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Hello everyone! I've lurked here for a few months, and finally got around to joining! I'm John, 50 yo, from Southern California USA.

I've been running Linux Mint for about 3 years, I think, versions 17.something and 18.3 on my laptop, and now 19.1 on a Dell i3 desktop I inherited from my wife. Also, I have a Raspberry Pi B+ we use to share a folder on a home network, and a Pi Zero (-not W) that sometimes runs a MOO (Multiplayer text game). I've also tinkered with CentOS (my company uses it as their preferred Linux), Slackware, and Debian, but never used them for any length of time. (Well, the Pis run a version of Debian)

Anyway, I'm glad to be here and look forward to making friends!



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G'day John, and Welcome to Linux.org

You sound like you have quite a bit to share here....we can always use extra input.

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