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I am from Québec/Canada!! like if my title was not really telling you this.. lol, anyway..

I am 28 Years old and my main language is french so please dont mind my poor english at least i try and i learn + i dont really care if you mind about it ahah.

To introduce my self.. I am not a pro IT, a programmer or anything pro in computer. I have learned all by my self with own personal research (without any intention to be THE GOD of computer like Microsoft. think he is..) has you can see i have something against Microsoft! I'll explain later in a couple of line if you continue reading this. Although, think this corporation has done something useful for everyone like me.. A simple user that think to know how a computer work but really do not... Ahah.. I am currently studying to be an Automobile Technician. Ok and what do i like in computer..? Seriously.. it is some kind of other passion i have. And yes there is something related in computer.. You know a car can have more than 40 computer in it? Everything is related to computers theses days... Tuning a car with chips implanted in BCM (Body Control Module) A module is a computer without interface. Oh so you want to chip your car? No.. It is just the parallel with car. Like i said i both like Mechanic and Computer. Ok but a transmission is nothing like a PC? True but everything in a car is turning Electrical.. Power Steerings is almost all electric today's and it is controlled by a module (Computer) giving better performance and removing the use of a little bottle full of toxic fluid. Ok i wont teach mechanic here but remember it is an introduction and i am a bit crazy in the head that's why all those line ahah..

Ok, I'll try to explain why i have something against Microsoft..

I first had a IBM computer with Windows 95 when i was like 10 years old. Took half a day to start it and the rest of the day to load that 8bit racing game that i played 2 times in my life. If you cant understand why i only played this game 2 times in my life well im not that kind of person who enjoy looking at something that tell me Loading.. Please wait... and then screen blink.. 2 mins remaining... 500 years later the 'please wait'.. pop up in the screen like it did 500 years ago.. So a year later when my parent bough me a working computer.. lol.. with windows 98.. i used it but i dont really remember of it.. I started working. I was young.. 12 years old! and i bough a custom build computer that the owner of a little shop helped me building.. it costed me 900$CAN. It was a Asus Chassis with Motherboard Asus P5K-e, CPU was a Core 2 Duo 3Ghz (e6850.. im not sure about this) GPU was Nvidia EN8800GT. It was almost the best build ever i could had back in these day. It worked till 5 years ago where motherboard died.. was ROCK SOLID like the logo told me ahah..
With this computer, i started learning basic in Windows.. like fu**ng up Windows until it wont start, hacking was not so difficult when you could find the information on how to do it on the web. Getting Virus on your computer because you went on p*rn website and you do not want to ask a pro to help you because your poor and you dont want anyone know you got that on Adult website when you was not at the age ahah.. That was XP time! was running 32 bits for so many years until someone told me dude get 64 bits version.. Oh i see... then Vista came out.. i didnt want it.. It was not really interesting me.. Win7.. Oh.. That was awsome! I still use it btw.. since XP is not updated anymore i had to update my self.. Win7.. yeah.. Win 8.. tryed 1 time.. not on my computer.. was not for me then Windows 10. I had a laptop now.. Asus G75VW. i updated my win7 with creator fall update free.. Yes Sure Im Happy.. BOOM Laptop died.. I still dont understand how this is possible but i readed a lot on the web about W10 Killing many computer with this update and still today i think it is the raison of my motherboard died.. I have tryed everything to save this laptop without paying again asus to get this working..

Asus G75VW. I Know this Laptop more than my own car.. every single screw.. like 250 small little things hard to take in your hand and hard to put back in it hole.. then i failed to repair this laptop till 2018!. I bough a new motherboard and installed everything back in it.. It work!! i dont use it.. LOL... But it's back to life!

So in all these years of experimentation, i can easily tell you i have installed windows xp 500 time with all update.. costed my parent 2 legs 2 arms in internet fees and now i have unlimited.. running old computer still again and again.. installing windows 7 until i get what i want working and installing win10 to see if this old thing will die because of W10.. Trying to make these unsupported win10 computer working and seeing Microsoft has the creator of every single component in every computer has the creator and owner of.. Wait your wrong.. I know that's the point... I told you you had to pass a couple of line to get the raison i have something against Windows.. i just found it in 2017.. while getting 90% of every peripheral functions not working and seeing Microsoft has the owner and creator of every single thing you can have in a computer. Don try to block him from providing us hes driver... hes gonna make you hell with your computer.. Random error... Windows not booting.. WTF! Why? On the real constructor website of the component.. they give you a driver you install it and sometime it work it depend but if you have a old computer who got enough ressources to run W10 and you choose to block Microsoft from providing you the driver.. nothing work and you need to go through command line to remove the manufacturer driver and get the Microsoft driver to make it work.. You want RAID? Use Microsoft Working Space or else nothing will work until you use it. So what's the point of that? Im gonna tell you why i call my self crazy in the head: Hello i am Microsoft and if i cannot have my name everywhere then your not allowed to use the computer you have chosen. I provide you driver and you dont want then alright do it. Boom you cant do anything because i am the best in the world and the raison they give you for this.. Your computer is too old you should by an other one here a microsoft computer only 4500$ with VR and the best video card with 3000M Go of ram enough to run Windows servers!! Sure im gonna waste 4500$ to get top quality and 5 years later you make me buy an other one because you say that my computer is too old..

Ok i know it was a lot of reading so for today im gonna stop it and i hope you enjoyed learning a bit of my self. The point of everything i said before is i started used command line in windows and i found it awsome but limited has i already tryed ubuntu in the past and experimented a bit but didnt understand anything.. i think now that i am older and i have understand a small part of it + i want to develop my own ability to use it. i cannot resume everything i have done in a computer but anyway the point is i like learning new things and a lot of linux is free and i am not a rich person so maybe i can provide my own experience in Linux versions that i tryed and then help you PRO IT, Creator etc.. in the development of Linux versions that you care. If it can really help you getting opinion of people like me then, i'll be happy to contribute like that.

Thank you all and i wish you the best,


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Welcome to linux.org @insanator :), We hope you find Linux a little more satisfying than some of your experiences with "that other OS".

Feel welcome to start a Thread and ask questions, if you have need.


... is probably a good spot


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@insanator welcome to the forum. So many of us have come from Windows and the number is growing. Your English was fine. Linux is wonderful and you'll soon forget about that other thing and enjoy the freedom it brings and who knows in a few years time you might even produce your own Distro :)

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