Hello from Louisiana


Christi Harris

My name is Christi and I am from Louisiana. This sounded like a good site to be on.

Hey there, Christi, and welcome to Linux Forum. Don't be afraid to explore and jump right in around here. Are you a current Linux user or just starting your exploration of the journey that is various Linux distributions? :p Hope to see you around!
I am new to Linux, I guess you can say I am still learning.
Hello Christi, Welcome to Linux Forum.

Hope you find this community as a great place to have a healthy discussion. Have a nice time!
Welcome to the forums!

I hope you can fit in, join our discussions and maybe learn a thing for two!
Hi Christi and welcome ! Im new here too :) I've only been using Linux about a week and learning a lot of new stuff on here. How do you like it so far?
BTW hello from Toronto Canada! Its crazy hot here so I can only imagine the weather you have in Louisiana right now lol

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