Hello fellow Linux users!



Hello everyone, you can call me Snrm! This seems like the best Linux forum out there so I decided to join. I look forward to meeting all the wonderful people here but I have one question. The site won't let me update my avatar. I tried like 5 different avatars that were 100x100 and only 5KB and it kept saying invalid file. Most of them were .GIF and I think one of them was a .JPEG. What is the problem here?

Hello Snrm. Is that pronounced Snirim? Just curious. Anyway Welcome to the forum. I don't have the answer to your question, but I am sure someone else will.
Goodbye for now :).
Hey there snrm - welcome to the site!

Did it give you an error msg for your avatar? I increased the weight just now.. give it another shot!

Hey Snrm(I don't know if i can pronounce that :p).Welcome to Linux Forum.

Hope your avatar issue is sorted out and also i'm sure you'll have a really nice time over here. :D
Hi and welcome Snrm!! I had the same problem and still do. Are you using a Mac? Because I am and wondering if that the problem in the first place...
Strange name, hope you get your Avatar sorted out!

Welcome aboard the linux train!
I don't think the problem is with Mac I tried from both windows and Linux and still couldn't get it to work.