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Hello Everyone!

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by DerrickDude, Mar 30, 2013.

  1. DerrickDude

    DerrickDude Guest

    Just wanted to introduce myself. I have been away from the other OS since the release of 95. I was an OS/2 user for many years before changing over to Linux when IBM dumped the OS/2 project. Been using various distro's of Linux for quite some time now but still not an expert. I started out with Corel Linux, tried Slackware and a few others then finally settled on Suse since version 9. I know enough about configuring it to either make it work great, or totally hose up the system...lol. I am more of a hardware tech than software and OS configuration. I have built more than my fair share of custom rigs.

    Anyhow, I will help when I can. I hope to be giving answers more than asking for them. With that said, I am off to the Suse forums to post a problem. Thanks Y'all!

  2. mcneely.mike

    mcneely.mike Guest

    Man I LOVED Corel linux.... sooooo nice!

    I'm the same as you: I know enough to be either a help or a disaster... google is my friend. :)
  3. DerrickDude

    DerrickDude Guest

    Corel was sweet wasn't it Mike! My advice, don't drink beer when logged on as root. If you have to drink anything, drink "root beer"... :p
  4. mcneely.mike

    mcneely.mike Guest

    That's what i like about 'sudo'... you have a limited time frame to 'f*ck' your machine, lol, cause vodka is my personal enemy! (Is there a root vodka?) :)

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