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Hello, everyone.

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by JimBobIII, May 19, 2012.

  1. JimBobIII

    JimBobIII Guest

    Former Linux user here getting ready to jump back in. I had Fedora 16 installed most recently, before I backed up and wiped that partition to test out the Windows 8 Preview, which was a pretty big mistake, in my opinion. Anyways, I figured I'd look around and discuss things this time around rather than installing whatever distro suits my mood at installation time and then following someone else's blog to get it tweaked how I like it.

  2. Akendo

    Akendo Guest

    Welcome to the Linux Forum. Great to have you.

    Why did you change? Can you tell me a bit about this? How about telling why you decide to choose Fedora.?

    What did you in the most in Windows, what may now is missing on Fedora.

    so far
  3. JimBobIII

    JimBobIII Guest

    At the time I set up this notebook, I used Fedora mostly because I wanted a distro with good Gnome-Shell support, as it always seemed to be a hassle in the Ubuntu boxes I set up for people. The only reason I kept a Windows 7 partition around was because as a gamer there are always a bunch of little niggles in trying to set up everything to run perfectly under WINE or any frontend for it. That, and there's no good way to watch Netflix on Linux. Since I was using the Windows 7 partition more often than the Fedora one at the time the Windows 8 preview came out, I ultimately ended up sacrificing Fedora to check it out, which was a regrettable decision.
  4. pane-free

    pane-free Guest

    Welcome, JimBobIII!

    May your mindset undergo profound change and, hence, become truly free of the Pane!

    Meanwhile, since you favor Gnome, check out SolusOS, as a suggestion.
  5. Darwin

    Darwin Guest

    I echo that - it is great.

    Have a great time searching your new found knowledge base - welcome.
  6. Melissa

    Melissa Guest

    Hi JimBob! Hopefully you can teach me some new tricks since I am a complete Noob and don't know anything. Im starting ut with Mint. Do you think this is a safe choice for beginners?
  7. JayGould

    JayGould Guest

    W8, ouch. I too a look at it and thought "NOPE."

    Hope to see your around the forums!

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