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Some years ago,
I made a web server which runs apache, php, and mySQL on my window computer.
The web server is, I remember, installed by almost one-click.
Now I forgot how to install it and where I get the installation software.
I did study PHP, and mySQL with the server.
However I found that Window web-server is not stable during the study.
That is the reason why I make my mind to study about linux and here I am.

I am totally a newbie in Linux.
I installed xubuntu a week ago.
And installed apache yesterday and PHP today.

I think I have a long way to go.
I like to go the way with you.

dotKer from Korea
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If you want to have a free RedHat that is administered in exactly the same way as the original, you choose CentOS. The most popular server system, drivers for advanced devices (arrays) match without combining - how it works on RH, works and on CentOs. 100% distribution is best for beginner admins. This is not RedHat's "fake". The code used in both versions is exactly the same.

If you know why you do not want RedHat, you have some experience and you do not care that the installation will need to be improved "from your finger" - your choice will be Debian. For devices, there is a problem with the drivers, you have to open Redhat RPMs and make deby of it, it often does not work as it should. The most supported distribution, as you know what and how you always find someone who will tell you why something is not working, there are a lot of kernel space programmers on Debian. Best for advanced.

Ubuntu Server
If you have Ubuntu on your desktop (which means "I can't install Debian" in African), you can install Ubuntu Server. It will be similar to flaw detection distribution, you'll find yourself easily, and that's half the battle. If you have any hardware that Ubuntu can't support, you will switch to CentOS / Redhat. :)
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G'day @dotKer - glad you found the time for Members Intro's :)

There is something for everyone in Linux's choices, and we cover a lot here. But if we do not have an answer here, and you find one elsewhere, by all means bring it back and share with us, and we can add it to our "wiki" or Knowledge Base.

Love the new Avatar, have been a fan of Snoopy for 55 years or so. :cool:

Enjoy your Linux

Chris Turner

BTW - @alkion - that Debian/Ubuntu joke is going to have me chuckling for hours, now - you should place that in https://www.linux.org/threads/just-for-fun-linux-jokes-and-memes.16649/

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