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David Wilson

Hi, I am new to Linux and I am finding it vary easy to use how ever there are so many different distros out there I am finding it hard to pick just one. case in point I like Ubutu but I find that I like the Gnome part of it better so now I am trying to pick just the right version to Gnome to run any one have any ideas? My lap top is hooked up to my tv and I use it for music , streaming and all round ent. system. Thanks Dave



Hey Dave,

Welcome to LinuxForum - thanks for joining up!

Any of the newer Linux desktop distributions (Ubuntu, mint, fedora, etc..) will work well as a media station..

When you say that you like Gnome.. there's gnome2 and gnome3 (gnome-shell) currently being pre-installed on certian distributions..

Ubuntu 11.10 = unity
Fedora 16 = Gnome3
Mint 12 (out soon) = Gnome3 w/ an overlay they created which includes taskbar w/ menus, pager, etc..

I'm currently using F16 and am getting used to working w/o a taskbar/pager - though I miss them.

You can install any window manager you like on any of them though - gnome2, kde, windowmaker, enlightenment, etc...

Another choice is adding a taskbar-like app like tint2 to gnome-shell..

Anyway - you can't go wrong w/ any of them out there - it's all user preference :)

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