Heh... Did anyone else notice the brief downtime when the site was being upgraded?


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Jul 23, 2020
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The layout has changed a bit visually. So far, I've really only noticed differences with the BBCode entry menu and the way it appears in the text entry area when you quote someone. Quote is no longer a nested option, by the way.

I'm sure there are behind-the-scene changes.

Thanks, @Rob!

Yep. I notice color choice has disappeared
No, it's there - it's just hidden. Click the three vertical dots menu - the first one and then you can do this.
The reply post text box has gotten a visual upgrade as well!
I would not have looked there..and the icon has changed
I'm sure there's some behind the scenes code updates to go along with the visual updates.

I'm not sure if I like the new layout or not. I mean, it'll do - and it's likely data driven. They likely hid options that are used less and are now showing options that were less used. 'Snot like they don't have that data available, so I'm sure there's some logic behind it.

Not that it really matters. I still gotta use it, so liking it doesn't matter too much. In a day or two, it'll likely feel like it has "always been this way".

I haven't flipped through the options yet to see if there's anything new.

The quote and color picker aren't nested items when I start a new thread - but they're nested in responses.


I think there are some new options, like a 2nd type of spoiler. Was there a horizontal rule previously? If not, that'd be new.

The add image isn't a white box anymore (dark theme). So, some .css cleanup was done.
thin i will go to bed and see what it looks like in the morning

g'night all
One thing I haven't done yet is upload the correctly paired theme files for the new version of the forum software - if things 'look' different, it may just be that. :)

Things have a bit of an incomplete look - but it's hard to tell if it's an attempt to be modern or if it's your still missing theme files. It's definitely different, that's for sure!

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