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Feb 15, 2019
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I truly hope one of you good-willed persons can help with this enquiry.
I think I am somewhere between beginner and intermediate at linux use and close to beginner with virtualisation.

What I am trying to do:
I want to have one server/main pc/cloud controlling "golden images" of windows, which I can push to guests/other pc's/clients ("clients") on the same network.

Security has high priority in all aspects. Scalability, ease of us and price are close seconds and performance also have a say.

What/how I am trying to do it:
I am trying to make a minimal install of linux/kvm at the bottom of the clients who only have the job of starting the windows client, letting me push the image to it and providing security. Therefor I want the layer with kvm to be as small as possible.

Right now I would like to know how I can install and run an image as vm. I have managed to get it to work with libvirt (virt-install) and virt-viewer on CentOS and also as described in this guide.

The problem:
I can only get it to work with a Desktop environment installed (GNOME). When I try to run it without I get:
`Gtk-WARNING **: [current time]: cannot open display: `
I have tried to do some googling, but I keep finding posts about headless servers and X11. I am not sure precisely what X11 does, so I might need it (I have installed it).

Is this possible? Or should I go a totally different direction?
All help greatly appreciated

G'day @Mr_Matten and welcome to linux.org :)

I cannot help with your support question, but I am moving this Thread to General Server, where it may gain a better audience.

Good luck

Chris Turner

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