Have you ever had to upgrade between major versions?


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One thing I dread doing is migrating from older versions of CentOS to newer major versions, like CentOS 5 to CentOS 6, or CentOS 6 to CentOS 7. Mostly because it means deploying new hardware, then mirroring the settings, apps, etc.. before changing DNS and taking it live.

Have you ever tried updating from an older major version to the new one?


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I usually go the slightly more sane route of creating a new VM and then copying the settings over. When ready I generally swap the public IPS or change the DNS records.


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Have you ever tried updating from an older major version to the new one?
Been there, done that, gotta t-shirt and some bruises along the way ;)

Linux Mint 17.3 Cinnamon to 18, using Clem's tutorial.

Borked my Mint first time around. Had to reinstall.

2nd time got it right.

Put a fresh 18 on as a comparison, and went into Gparted and labelled the Clemmed one "Serena Clemmed" to distinguish between them.




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Nothing like a good beating, eh Wiz?:D:D I have yet to try that route. I always wimp out and do a new install, then restore the backed up files.:p It keeps me from pulling out more hair, and I don't need another t-shirt. I already have a closet full.:rolleyes: The bruises aren't much fun either. I found the instructions for doing that in Slackware, but I have yet to try it. Perhaps some day I will feel brave(?) enough.o_O



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I'm a non-Server-using pleb, so I just use a client-based Installation, that I hope to use for making Virtual labs, and doing Arbitrary Code Execution..... :3


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I've never had to 'upgrade' our systems until recently. We were stuck on minor release upgrades for RHEL 5 for a while until it arrived at it's end of life cycle. Right now I'm trying to get everything squared away for RHEL 6.9 before we have to do real work with integrating into a systemd environment with RHEL 7.x. And of course our clients wanted these systems deployed and ready yesterday, last minute, on a tight time crunch.