Has anyone successfully installed Linux Mint 15 inside Windows 8?



I've tried to use Mint4Win and it goes as far as prompting to boot from either Windows or Mint but crashes before boot on selecting Mint.

Ok, that was pretty vague to me. I am kind of a noob when it comes to Linux so bear with me please. I don't need recovery, Windows 8 boots fine. It only crashes when I select boot to Linux. Is this sabotage by Microsoft? Are there BIOS changes I need to try? Is run grub-update a new sadistic form of worm torture? Run grub, run!! lol
Not sure about Windows 8, but have you looked into running virtualbox. That would allow you to keep your Win8, but also have linux up and running.
Virtual Box would be the best route for this. Windows 8 isn't very friendly with most things.
Jeremy , this thread is for dual-boot , win8 and Linux
Virtualization is for another purpose...

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