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My goal is to harden my Hardware security. I am using an STM32MP157C and buildroot as main distro.
What exactly do I need to know when it comes to security? I am dealing with the hardware part and I am working on an IoT project.

My colleague takes care of the server Tel. We have already successfully transferred sensor data to the server. But I don't think I can improve network security from a hardware point of view, do I? I don't have access to the server.

I want to secure my hardware, but in my mind I don't see many options (not my domain) besides managing file permissions and isolating some personal scripts in another user profile.
For hardware security, we can start with a hardened kernel that custom compiles with priority over priority. Then we can have the root encrypted using LUKS or another option out of many. Data encryption before sending it to a server may be considered here. I also can use strong passwords and use a password manager like pass or even the Gnome keyring.

A number of hash functions are available through the terminal (md and sha series) or we can use openssl which has a number of hash and data encryption ciphers like AES256, chacha20 etc. But that has more to do with the server, right? Not with the MPU.

I have no experience with hardware security and cybersecurity. My thought may be wrong. I am still confused because I don't have access to the server and I can't differ between what I am supposed to do from a Hardware point of view and what my colleague does from a software(network) point of view.



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G'day @Spearitch , I can't answer your questions but I am moving this to Security, where it may draw qualified attention, hope so.

Good luck.

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