Happy Birthday Debian

That is impressive.

It's just a wee bit too early to do much celebrating. I'll use it as an excuse to have a glass of wine later today.
@kc1di beat you to the punch, so I've merged the two threads.
Happy 30th birthday, Debian! Here's to three decades of stability in the world of Open Source. Cheers to your past full of milestones and to an equally bright future. May your code always be error-free and may your community continue to thrive.
Debian is aging well. I moved to Sarge from Redhat in (unknown date, but the Wiki says 2005) when my nerdish friends and I discovered the wonderful utility of APT. After the unusable kludge of RPM, by itself it was enough to make everyone change over.

In all those years in between, I never found any reason to switch to another distro.

I will celebrate the birthday by beginning my move from Bullseye to Bookworm.

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