Handy scripts for Debian distros --inxi, smxi, sgfxi and others


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Mar 5, 2022
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smxi is an award-winning script for Debian distros that makes posr-install tweaks easy and simpler than manually.

check it out as root on true Debian distros -- you may like it.


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Jul 23, 2020
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Yeah, they use our forum for beta testing. They pop in when there's a new version coming out and ask our members to test.

There's also this:



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Mar 7, 2021
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smxi is barely maintained anymore, stuff that works in it still, works, and stuff that doesn't, has small issues, nothing major, but it's largely dormant, still useful if you like what it does, but I have no plans of spending much time on it anymore.

sgfxi still gets basic updates, mainly because another guy tracks the nvidia drivers and what they support etc, but neither are very active anymore. I did do a bit of sgfxi work recently to support the new 470 legacy driver, and stuff like kernel/xorg support tests are ok still, not nearly as precise as they used to be, but usually will work I think. Also did an upgrade of the legacy support detection rules using an improved card id database from nvidia, but otherwise, that tool is more or less now in maintenance mode.

Bug reports for smxi are likely to be ignored unless they include a complete tested patch, bug reports for sgfxi really don't happen anymore, can't remember the last one I got, but it is updated with current drivers etc for nvidia, but I don't promote it, and there are some corner case things I've noticed that don't work right anymore (like switching between non free and free drivers, not seamless like it used to be, something isn't quite right there anymore)

All the real dev work now goes into inxi, which is time consuming enough for my taste, more actually, sigh... but not too bad if I moderate what feature requests I accept and try to control the time I spend on it. inxi is still fun and sort of interesting, though I spent way too much time during covid lockdown on it, so I'm pulling back a bit, but it's completely active and current, assuming the distro or user updates it to current, obviously legacy old inxi's stuck in package pools don't include any subsequent feature enhancements or fixes etc, so those are less useful, though still of course as accurate as when they were initially packaged, just much less so than current inxi.

I'm increasingly inclined to not add many more inxi features since many of the hardest features that have been worked on or added are barely used by anyone, despite being very useful (--usb/-J comes to mind, since -J is so verbose it's not added to -F by default, most users aren't even aware it exists, even though it solves many usb issues people have)

I may, and probably will, integrate the upgraded nvidia legacy card id table into inxi, so that information will show as well in inxi, that's useful to tell users their card only supports a specific nvidia legacy driver series, and which one, though adding that feature is a bit risky since distros tend to add inxi to repos then never upgrade it, which would make that feature get out of date the next time nvidia releases a new legacy driver series, which will probably happen in 2 or 3 years since they just released the 470 legacy series.
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