Handbook for Linux cluster management?


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Apr 30, 2020
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I am a new-comer here.
I have intermediate strength on Linux but as of now, I have only handled linux on my personal machine.
In the near future, it is possible that I may be given the responsibility of managing a linux cluster and I am not at all experienced in such tasks.
Are there any online handbooks or courses which can help one in training on linux cluster management?

Just as a side information, I do have access to a cluster playground with root permissions.


Which cluster software? Veritas? cman? Which Linux?
Which cluster software? Veritas? cman? Which Linux?

As far as I know, every node in the cluster has CentOS installed (don't know the version). Typically, we have VM images on the nodes which are allocated to different users for their usecases.

I am not clear what you mean by cluster software. Just as a clarification I am a student and the cluster forms as a compute resource for lab activities. So we generally have someone voluntarily managing the cluster and the common software we run are distributed software like hadoop.
If you're using centOS, you're likely using cman.


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