Guest Wifi Network on Tomato


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I run adv tomato on an Asus router at home, I setup a guest wifi without issues, my network at home is a simple setup, Modem in bridge mode going into Asus Router wan port.
At my office I have the same Asus router, I tried to setup the guest wifi option but I am unable to do so my setup at the office is slightly more complex. Modem in bridge mode into a pfsense FW / Router into a switch (no vlans) into a LAN port of my Asus Tomato router.
When I replicate my setup at home for my guest wifi I have no internet access on my guest wifi at my office, I have copied everything exactly the same as outlined here.
But I think because switch is being uplinked through the lan port I am unable to create the guest wifi. If I create a wifi on the Asus router I have it works fine, but this will not work for the guest wifi.
In Advanced Settings under Vlan / Wireless I have
Bridge (Eth1 to Lan Br0) main Wifi (non guest) working
My Vlan (guest wifi)
Bridge (wl0.1 to Br1) no wifi if I bridge (wl0.1 to Br0) it works, but I’m on the wrong ip range (my internal lan)
Any Advice would be appreciated.


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While there are lots of very knowledgable people here, it's possible no one knows how to answer your question. This forum is for Linux, not Tomato :). You might have better luck at a Tomato forum. I don't know the answer to your problem, but do have 1 thing to check for. Sometimes the most simple thing is often overlooked. Guest users are usually disabled by default. Have you checked to ensure this is not the case?