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Chris Rachal

Dec 24, 2018
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New user here and some of you may now that I ask a thousand questions. Is there an easy way to clean up the GRUB menu. For example i have old kernals that I want to remove. Also, I decide that I love linux mate more than ubuntu. I don't remember what version I have off the top of my head. Thanks for the help in advance.

To clean up your GRUB Menu you need to remove all of the old kernels you do not need (except the previous 2 or so). For Ubuntu based systems the easiest method is probably UKUU. You can read about it here. UKUU lets you add and remove kernels in a GUI. Just remember to run 'sudo update-grub' after you remove all the kernels you want to remove (or add). The command will recreate the menu showing only the currently installed kernels. Hope this helps.
G'day Chris, G'day all :)

There is a simpler way, already installed with your Linux Mint, no need to install software (although Ukuu is fine).

Go to your System Tray, where there is an icon for your Update Manager, shaped like a shield. Green tick for up-to-date, white "i" on a blue background if updates are waiting.


Click View, and then Linux Kernels, you may get a warning.

Here you can install or delete kernels.

Ask any questions.

BTW Chris, if you are uncertain of your version of Mint -

GUI - option

With any of the 3 DE's, Cinnamon, MATE and Xfce, you can
  1. Click on Menu
  2. Start to type in welcome, its entry will appear
  3. Click that, it will tell you version and Desktop Environment
Terminal option
  1. Type in and enter
  2. Code:
    cat /etc/linuxmint/info
  3. You will get what you need plus a little more



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