Grub and nmve disk problems


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Jul 16, 2020
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I tried to install Debian 10 on a GF63 Thin 95C MSI laptop and it did not go as expected.

I have Windows 10 on an nmve disk and an ssd where I have installed Debian 10. During the installation it recognizes both disks because it offers them as options where to install Debian.

After installing Debian it does a search for other operating systems and should not find anything because it installs GRUB automatically without asking me where. I understand that it installs GRUB on the ssd and not on the nmve, which is where I have W10 and where I think it should be installed.

I have both operating systems installed but since GRUB has not been conveniently installed it boots into Windows directly.

How could I fix it?

Thank you very much.

"most" UEFI (BIOS) have a way to set the "boot order". You need to set the ssd drive to boot before the nvme drive. Some older BIOS's don't support this, but if your motherboard is new enough to support an m.2 nvme drive, I would think it would.
Indeed, it was that simple. It hadn't occurred to me. Thank you very much.