Hi to all!

A brief introduction of who I am:

I have much appreciation for this on-line community and the general being-ness of all-things Linux! Thanks! About 5 years ago, I stumbled into using Ubuntu. It allowed an aged computer to operate with ease, in comparison with the Windows that had been installed. Later, that computer bit the dust. I later inherited another machine which operated only a Windows OS. It went well enough for some time, but it too gained complications. Then, I found myself in the need of a personal computer and so I acquired one newly built.

Since I had some previous experience with Ubuntu, I decided to load the then-current Natty Narwhal alongside the Windows 7. I prefer the Ubuntu.

I have recently decided to branch away from Ubuntu. I have recently played with the Bodhi distro and so far I like it's bareness. I have also made preparations to test-drive the currently available versions of Fedora, OpenSUSE, and Chakra.

In other words - I am somewhat fresh to the Linux experience. From what I have seen so far I am intrigued. Again, I wish to give some humble thanks for this community!

In other tech news, I am in the process of learning the art of script-writing / program creation. I am learning via the language Python. That experience has also been intriguing!

Otherwise - I am a father and a husband. I enjoy yoga and meditation. I am working on being better in the garden.

Thanks for your good efforts,

Welcome. I hope the scripting and programming goes well. I have never used Bodhi, but I have used Fedora, but mostly I use Ubuntu these days.

Thanks for your well-wishing!

I am wondering about 'minimal' distros, other than bodhi, that have a different desktop experience than enlightenment. I have used only (i *think* only) gnome and unity, although I am eager to try some of the other desktops out-and-about.

Xfce and LXDE are both supposed to minimalistic DEs. I have only really used Xfce, but you can try them both out. Gnome, Unity, and KDE are bloated in my opinion. But, if you have enough resources, they are all good.

If you really want minimallistic, then, you could try Tiny Core Linux. Damn Small Linux is no longer supported. But Puppy still is.

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