Hello good people.

I have already posted a few threads in this forum without introducing myself. I have been a Micro$oft slave for donkey's years. I was always forced to install things i didnt want. I was spied on without consent and i spent so many hours trying to secure my computer only to have Micro$oft install an update and undo all my hard work. Like any victim of abuse i just kept quiet and thought i'd get on with it. I took Linux for a spin over the years. I kinda liked it but the Micro$oft goons brainwashed me to believe that their ecosystem was best as they supported more software and hardware. I just kept quiet and had a secret affair with Linux in virtual machine until i decided to get a second laptop to spend time with her and learn more about her. My love for her grew over the years. Linux made me realised how much I was caught up in victim mentality. I final got the courage to stand up against Micro$oft and moved in with Linux...Guess who is now caged in a virtual machine now. Yup you guessed right, Micro$oft. Finally my former slave master. is the one stuck in a cage. I have never been happier in my life. No need to be forking out large sums of money on software. My only paid for software is VPN's for my laptops and phones. I enjoy having so much choice and i can do what is good for ME in Linux land. I can go on for ages but i would rather end it here by saying I AM FINALLY FREEEEEEE!!!!!

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