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Hello there,
I've tinkered with Linux off and on since around 2001, but always gave up as I couldn't get the networking hardware configured properly. A few months ago I spoke to a friend who is interning with Google what flavor of Linux she used, and she suggested Linux Mint. A few weeks back I read an article about Windows 10 (I was still using Windows 7 at the time because my son's system is Windows 8.1 and it has almost had a hammer taken to it many of times since it came out of the box.) The article stated that Microsoft had changed it's EULA to disable counterfeit software and hardware. Wait, wait- when did I give anyone permission to do whatever they desired to my computer and make me even more dependent on them and their products? Who ever thought I would be okay with being a digital slave? So I made up my mind to take the plunge again with Linux Mint 17.2 and in just a few short days I realize there is no turning back.

My Windows install is gone, my knowledge is growing, my machine is more responsive as both Windows and Ubuntu (for some reason) made it feel bogged down, and I have consoles for gaming. My goals for Linux are different than they were for Windows- programming, data mining, work on virtual environments, web design, what have you. Will I know how to do all of this overnight? Not a chance, but with time, I know it can be done. If I can't find what I need I can always make it, right? So now that I've decided to go fully down the rabbit hole and seen Wonderland I can't really think of a reason to leave. :)

It's nice to meet you all.



Mint is nice - it works well for me. I had the same sluggish issues with Ubuntu, but mostly I just could never come to grips with Unity (the desktop environment).

My home machine, which I do development on, has been Linux for 12 years or so. Suse, Ubuntu, and now Mint Cinnamon.

See? Resistance was futile. You were assimilated! Welcome to the table with all the cool kids! (OK, OK, "kid" has not described me in quite some time...)

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