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Greetings and HELP....

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by ALBEIT, Nov 20, 2012.


    ALBEIT Guest

    Hi there, would just like to introduce myself to you all and apologise for jumping straight in with a question. I am not a "techie", just a user with a HP mini note using Linux. I have managed to delete my web browser and for the life of me I have been unable to restore. Can any one tell me from the command line what the instructions are? I have tried lots of pages on the internet but they have not worked for me. Help please :confused:

  2. old_bolvan

    old_bolvan Guest

    sudo apt-get install seamonkey-browser

    ALBEIT Guest

    Thanks so much for the quick response. My OS is SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10. I have worked out I need to use command "zypper". However it returns and tells me "not found", "nothing to do". I can't seem to locate the name of a browser that it recognises. Internet Explorer was originally loaded but I just want ANY browser aaargh. Any further help?
  4. alfie0077

    alfie0077 Guest

    I am making an attempt to start Linux on the second computer I have. It is bare bones, no operating system. I have downloaded several linux and burned cds. None of the cds will boot on the other system. How do I get a bootable linux download? All I want is to browse the web. There are a thousand linux, and I bought some that are "server" versions. They do not have a capability to use the web. Is there a version of linux that allows a user to have a screen? Which one?

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