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Before I started a computer repair course at my local community college a few months ago, I thought PCs were boxes filled with magic. Learning the fundamentals of computing has lead to a quest for a higher level of skills. It is with some chagrin that Googleing the term "how to be a hacker" lead me here.

Forgive me if questions are not the place in the introductions but I have one and would rather not create a new thread. I've just downloaded a large file called "Oz Unity" by moebius2867. It appears in the downloads folder as a Disc Image File called Sapphire. Question: would do I do from here? Partition my HDD to install this OS? Thank you all in advance for you patience and guidance!



Hello and welcome to the forums!!

You've caught a break in finding this forum. I'm one of the developers of Oz Unity. :D

What you have is a disk image that can be written to either a DVD or a USB drive. From there you can either just run it live or yes you can partition your harddrive and install it.

Here is a guide on how to burn the image:

If you choose to install then BACKUP YOUR DATA. Just incase something gets overritten accidentally.

P.S. The official forum for Oz Unity is here:
And it was just updated a few days ago. :)

If you have any other questions please be sure to let us know.

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