Graphic Card, PowerEdge T430 Motherboard, OS: Ubuntu Server 21


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May 13, 2021
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I have a Power Edge T430 Server. The motherboard is T430, and the installed OS is Ubuntu server 21.
How may I pick the right graphic card for my server? As long as the drivers are supported and have two HDMI ports I am fine. I would prefer not to pay more than $200 CAN.
Thank you Linux community!

Well, the first question should be, "For what purpose(s) are you going to use the graphics card?"

Without that, we can pretty much only guess at what you need.

If you just need a basic display output, buy the cheapest one that fits your needs. Search the model number prior to purchase and add "+Linux support" to it to find out if it works with Linux. Most seem to work just fine in my experiences, but I don't know about any server-specific cards.
currently using one monitor. Trying to add my tv as a second display to the Ubuntu Server 20 using the HTMi port.
I've had great luck with anything NVIDIA. Others will swear by AMD.

Find the cheapest card that has two HDMI ports on like NewEgg and then search for that card but add the "+Linux support" (or "+Linux drivers") to see if there are any complaints.

These days, Linux is pretty decent with most hardware. At most, I have to grab a driver for a wireless adapter off GitHub. Graphics just tend to work, even without the proprietary driver. If what you're getting is not the absolute newest model (and it won't be with your budget) then it'll have been out long enough to have drivers already in the kernel and proprietary drivers that will also work.
Well, the first question should be, "For what purpose(s) are you going to use the graphics card?"

I would agree. If you installing something that says "server" in the name. There likely isn't much in the way of graphical packages. I would say 99% of the servers I have installed over the last 20 years or so, don't run graphical interfaces. That's not to say you can't do it... but why would you want to?

If you're going to run a lot of graphical applications, I would probably run a workstation edition.

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