GPS...TomTom, Garmin or Navman..or...?

Bayou Bengal

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I have used them all, as personal GPS units came of age. I like the Garmin the best, but the company has it's quirks. One other thing, they are expensive to repair. I currently have a 2597 (I think that's the model number), that is belly up and their website wants 289 bucks to fix it.

I had always intended to try and run the Garmin software in Wine, but I have never found the time. I hate having to boot into Windows to update the units. All the Garmin units have Lifetime Updates, they either come with the unit when you buy it, or you can purchase from Garmin when you get online with the unit.

I tried using my Android cell phone as a GPS, but the screen is just too small for my old eyes, and I have a pretty big screen. So, I'll stick with Garmin, for now, until someone can point me to a better unit.

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