GParted - Partitioning for Linux? READ THIS IF YOU NEED HELP


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This is the first in a series of mini-guides to GParted I am going to produce.

The videos are in MP4, and any written guides will be in PDF for your printing needs.

The first video, which follows is clearly focused on helping one Member, but the principles contained therein can be used by all, I hope :)

GUIDE 1 is on optimising an external HDD, whether for Timeshift, for Data Storage, or for future placement of a LInux Distro.

If we get a few Likes, and a few Views, we can make a Sticky of this, so it is always available, although it may be moved to eg Getting Started, I will follow @Rob 's lead there.


I could also use your feedback on the vid itself, quality-wise. I found it a little fuzzy on the Distro I worked it from, but then tried 2 other computers and Windows 10 and it looked fine, so give me your constructive feedback.

Chris Turner


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I see there's a young Wizard answering on my behalf? :D:D

Morning all :)

Yeah Tobey, vokoscreen - is in many Repositories in Linuxes, can be installed from Synaptic Package Manager, or at Terminal

sudo apt install vokoscreen
... in Debian-based Distros like Ubuntu and Mint.

We'll get a Thread on screencasters started soon, and go into them.



Very thorough walk through with the Wizard watch this video and subscribed hope you get money from youtube lol!

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