Google Voice Your PBX: Test Outbound Calls


Eric Hansen

We're at the end of the stretch here with PBX and Google Voice, now all we have to do is test our outbound calls route. To do this we will need to install a SIP softphone (software telephone). I decided to use one called ZOIPER which is cross platform and is very easy to work with. I won't go into how to install it but instead will assume by the time you get to step 1 it is already there (or you found another softphone that you like as most steps are universal).

Step 1: Creating an Account
When you first start ZOIPER you will have to create an account. Our account type will be SIP. The user will be 1000@fusionpbx_ip_or_fqdn (1000 being the extension) and the password is whatever FusionPBX set it to (unless you changed it). This can be found by going to Accounts->Extensions, editing the 1000 extension and clicking in the "Password" field, it will be shown below that input field.

Account name can be whatever you want, I just left it as default. It will then try to connect to the account and take you to the dialing pad.

Step 2: Test Local Calls

In testing anything you want to start small then test wider. So first we'll test accessing our voicemail (again, this password can be found in the extension's profile in FusionPBX). While in the ZOIPER window type *98 and hit enter. ZOIPER will then call your voicemail and ask you to enter your ID then #, after that will be your voicemail password and #. If all is well you should be in your voicemail now.

Step 3: Testing Outbound Calls
Now the gravy train, calling outside numbers. This one you can do with about any number but I'd suggest using your own cell number first. To do that just start typing in your cell number (starting with the country code [1 in most cases]) and hit call. You should get a ring soon after and then your cell phone should ring. Pretty cool huh?

I'll admit in my last part I thought this would be a lot harder than when I last set this up (SIP phones weren't well maintained), but this was even a shocker to me.

This series only touched on the basics of getting Google Voice to work well for you. Now the power is in your hands. You have it set to where when extensions are dialed hte calls are transferred to an actual phone number, create a call center set up, etc...


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