Google Voice Your PBX: Make Outbound Calls


Eric Hansen

We can now receive calls, but what about making them? While testing outbound calls is a part all in its own, we can still set up our PBX system to make it happen. Here's what you need to do...

Pre-Set Up Discussion
There's a little trick to outbound calls where you can delegate extensions to make outbound calls by a specific field. In our case its the "Account Code" field.

Normally when you set up an outbound route you have to specify what profile you're using. However, if you use any of FreeSWITCH's variable fields (i.e. $account_code) you can substitute that for whatever is in the account's profile. Cool, huh?

Step 1: Create an Outbound Route
Go to Dialplan->Outbound Route and click the "+". Again, simple settings:
  • Gateway: xmpp
  • Dialplan expression: in the drop down box below the textarea choose 11 digits long distance so "1" is already appended
Step 2: Edit Our Route
Now we need to edit our route so we can do a few things. First one being use the account code for our profile choice. So click on the "e" to edit the route we just made and go to the bottom. You'll see "bridge" for the type at the very bottom. We want to edit that.

Replace the "data" attribute with the following:
dingaling/${accountcode}/[email protected]

Now we have two numbers (one for sales and one for support), and extension 1000 is for support while 1050 is for sales, we can just set the account code in each extension to the appropriate XMPP profile and use only one outbound route profile.

Its optional, but some people prefer to always hear a ringing on the line. Unfortunately its not guaranteed with how our profile is set up (its not uncommon to hear anything on the line until someone picks up or the call is transferred). So, you can skip this if you like or follow the small step. Click on the "+" and set these:
  • Tag: action
  • Order: 45
  • Type: ring_ready
This will set the ring to play just before the call is sent to Google's servers. This is fake so its why a lot of people are for and against it.

Save the profile and your outbound calls will be set.

Like I said, the next part of testing outbound calls can get a bit elaborate to say the least, so I'm saving that for a part all in its own. If you want to dab a bit into it yourself though first install a SIP client (SIP softphone as they're also called) and see if you can connect to extension 1000.


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