Good TV Series Thread....

Hello @Nelson Muntz ,
I went to that website and created an account.
Now I need to know how to watch one of those Hec Ramsey programs.
I didn't see any help on the website, just a bunch of facts about the show - actors, plot etc.
Thanks for your help.
Old Geez TC
Hey Daz - Elaine and I used to enjoy that Early Edition show back when it first aired :)

Gawd, now yer gonna get me started on TV shows I have enjoyed. Is this a Kiwi plot to undermine the Australian work ethic? (Yeah, right, I am retired :D)

Now why didn't I think of that!
Thanks Nelson.
Old Geez, TC
If you have a streaming TV box such as Amazon's Fire TV or Roku, etc. you can install the IMDB app and watch their programming from there. Free to watch with minimal commercial interruptions.

I just realized - I never thought to check and see if they have an app for PC.
Well watched the New Years Dr Who special Resolution of the Daleks. Solid but hardly set the world on fire.
If you like 'crime drama' or 'police procedural' type shows and suspense I found these two mini-series to be very good.
Gillian Anderson in "The Fall" is excellent and does a wonderful job acting. The whole cast is very good.
The Fall

The Killing is another good one. Rather "moody" but very well acted and directed. Not the usual "fluff".
The Killing
Dr Who special Resolution of the Daleks

Was it resolution, I thought it was revolution?

But I have recorded it for later viewing, so don't tell me any of the plot
  1. Mysteries of the Abandoned.
  2. Drugs Inc.
  3. Locked up Abroad.
  4. Secrets of the Underground.
  5. Modern Marvels.
  6. Engineering Disasters.
  7. How It's Made.
  8. Gangland.
I like stuff that teaches me things.
I am currently watching the History Channel and it is showing Rise of Empires: Ottoman, and it's 3 episodes tonight and another 3 episodes tomorrow night. Though it's just starting, it's pretty good - so far.

Nobody will catch this in time to watch it, but there are probably torrents out there.
When I was a kid we used to have an Ottoman, it was very comfortable to sit on.

Oh, you're talking the Turks. :)

(warped Australian sense of humour... think Robin Williams DownUnder)
At the moment I'm enjoying "The Expanse". A well made Sci-Fi show on Amazon Prime.

Since I see a lot of police & crime shows being mentioned. I can recommend the following;

Most the the above will be familiar. If you're looking for something special and don't mind watching with subtitles I can recommend Matroesjkas. A Belgian production about a prostitution human trafficking network. Very well made.

Since IMDB doesn't have a trailer for Matroesjkas I found an English trailer on YouTube

Some episodes can be found on Youtube. To help you with the first one, search for "Matrioshki Season 1 Episode 1 2005 English Sub".


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