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gnome-terminal and ssh commands


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Ladies and Gents,

I am working with gnome-terminal and trying to set up a bash script to do the following:
1) Open up a new gnome-terminal - got that working
2) in the new window, ssh to another computer (let's call it XYZ) - got that working

This is what is NOT working.
3) In that (XYZ) computer, I want to ssh to another computer (call it ABC)
a) It is the only way we can get to computer ABC, so don't ask. :)
I can open the window, ssh to XYZ, but how do I have another ssh command to fire off? I cannot use a .script on computer XYZ to fire off an SSH because we have multiple shells open (up to 10-12) where they ssh to XYZ, then ssh to several computers.

Thanks in advance!



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someone else suggested the ssh -J XYZ ABC and that works. now I am trying to get a command (via the ssh line) into ABC but then gnome-terminal closes down immediately.....sigh...

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