Ghost under Linux?




I would like to back up Linux OS disks by ghosting/imaging them, to be able to restore them on new disks in case of breakage.

In the past, I've used Norton Ghost for Windows.
I've tried to imaging a Linux disk with Norton Ghost, but it looks like the ghost file has the same size than the source disk (under Windows the ghost contains disk data only, but under Linux the ghost seems to contain the full partition size)
Does all ghost file of Linux disks must have the same size than the source disk/partition?

I saw some OpenSource imaging softwares: FOG, Clonezilla, Partition Image, G4U...
Which is the best for imaging OS disks?
Does one of these softwares allows to check the image file by exploring it?

Thanks for your help :)



Personally, I have not tried any of these to know for myself, but I hear that Clonezilla is the best.


I use dd to clone disks, boot-repair if there is any initialization problem and gparted to set free space afterwards.

I had to remove my laptop HDD to use it on a new desktop I was building and thus introduced myself to Linux, since its live images kept my mobile pc alive. After buying proper storage for my laptop, I followed this guide to clone my flash drive into my HDD (dd method):

I did it a few times again in order to test my current OS setup on other computers.

Works like a charm.

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