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Jul 20, 2023
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Hello everybody , i want to now where to start With linux. Can you give me advices ?

G'day azurnicolas, Welcome to

Depending on the specs of your pc/laptop. You have not given us any detail re your pc I would start with Linux Mint 21.2 .......either the Cinnamon DE or the XFCE DE

If you give us your spec first, we can narrow that down a bit for you

In a nutshell......use Balena Etcher to attach/burn a Linux iso to a thumb drive

For simplicitie’s sake use Linux Mint looks a great deal like windows but that is where the likeness ends

Boot your PC to that usb

I WILL NOT harm your installs in does not affect the hard drive or ssd etc ect

The ONLY way it can get onto the hard drive /ssd is if you double click on install linux mint....which will be on the desktop

Just take it for a run....manouvere and close stuff if you want to.....HAVE A GOOD HARD LOOK....dont try to be gentle with it....give it hell.

When you decide you have seen enough....just click on menu, then on the red quit button...and choose to Reboot.

It will start to reboot,,,,and the pc screen will tell you to take the usb out, and then hit enter.

The pc will reboot and you will be back to windows.

Note:: What you have just done on the 'Live" version of Linux Mint WILL NOT be saved......everything that you installed or opened/changed etc etc etc ...will be GONE
If you boot to the usb will be like new...untouched.

You have a lot to learn. trying a distro in LIVE mode is a good first step. You learn by doing.
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Welcome to the forums,
lots of information at the beginning of this forum, do a bit of reading before you jump.
Welcome aboard. :)

The best way to start getting to know Linux, is to use a 'live' version on a pendrive, it won't touch your present system, (unless you specifically mount it).

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