general consensus and any unification of one site as a place to go for slackware docs?


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Jun 14, 2019
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There are out there other sites still apparently being maintained and that if you look at past contributors does have credibility.

Obviously forums like this one and others are helpful in solving problems but text laid out with continuity Docs are places where you get the whole picture.

it would make sense to have a one stop for specific Slackware documentation. To me you can call something a wiki or docs ; its all text and understanding is gained from both so whats the difference.

So where does come into this and other sites ? The only reason i ask is that i started editing this page. which had R.Workman as past contributor. ( i did get an email back from R.Workman when i informed him i was about to butcher the doc he started- response was "sorry in delay getting back to you, you are not alone " ? i took that to mean it was Ok to edit !

It might be due to my OCD tendencies but i prefer all things in one place and don't like webs where you click a link and it takes you somewhere off that web to another. So i'm not a fan of just creating some sort of portal with links going off willy nilly

Is the considered the one go to place for docs?

Although is now using a standardized template for Slackbuild that doesn't mean that a page not necessarily adhering to their strict template and focus on understanding would be a waste of time. I can't see a page on entitled "writing and understanding a slackbuild" ; so was thinking of starting one rather than continuing with editing the wiki . Any thoughts slackers
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Hello Captain-Sensible,

I'm no authority on Slackware, but I do poke at it from time to time. I'd say, yes, that site you found,
is the best place to get Slackware information.

They also have installation, configuration, and administration information compiled into an online 'book', at

You've already said you don't like sites that branch away form the main site, so that may rule that second site out for you.


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