gaming handheld xyc q8 rotating using bittboy v2 rom


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Aug 21, 2020
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Hello linuxcommunity,

i have an xyc q8 game handheld. It's like the bittboy but has more actionbuttons. Now it's original software also has less options, so i want to install the bittboy custom rom. It looks like it's compatible, just the screen is rotated and the buttons aren't at their place.
For what i know the screen rotating has something to do with the file r61520fb.c. The custom rom is linux based.
What can i add to the bootscript to rotate the screen again? Or what do i change in the compiling so the screen is also rotated right again?


There was this command added in the main file /etc/main. echo 2 > /sys/****/fbcon/rotate_all
but it only rotated the text from the os, so not the gui. Does anybody know what to type to also get the gui rotated?

So it's a sort of gameboy, but it runs on opendingux, a kind of linux os. The chip is an f1c500s (cpu/gpu).
Here: , you find the opendingux compiling tree. It is for the bittboy however, i do have a q8, it's a bittboy clone. The q8 has it's screen placed upside down, so i'd like to add something during the boot process that will rotate the screen 180 degrees.
maybe this is the wrong forum, cause now it's about c++ coding technic. This file i uploaded, it should have the ability to rotate the screen. With it i can compile the gpu driver module. But i can't figure it out on how to do it.


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G'day @soup42 and welcome to :)

Sounds a bit esoteric to me, but then I am not a Gamer.

I'll move this to Linux Gaming in hops someone there can assist.

Good luck!

Chris Turner
the .c file is part of a number of files. All together they form the initials of a complete linux os. The .c file i mention above is the initial file for the gpu driver. So when you change that file, the gpu driver will change when you 'make' it. The making is named compiling, like making an exe file for windows.
In the file there is metioned 'flip', which flips the screen. I don't know whether it's horizontally or vertically. It might be the answer for the q8 where the screen is otherways upside down shown.

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