Future Windows 7 replacement? - New Distro based on Ubuntu 18.04


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Hey guys, itsNestor05 here!
I had so many problems with windows for all my life, so i decided to create my own distro based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, but customized, and with some programs out of the box, like Wine, Audacity, etc.
Im been working in this distro for 5 months and a half (since December 1st), but i can't get past the alpha state (as i want to make a install program for it, but i still keep failing on that)

This is the last build i made so far (im working on a new one now) which is based on Ubuntu 18.04.4, but in this build, i just added some security patches and thats it.
Here is the download link of the last build (Build 35, Alpha 5) : https://drive.google.com/open?id=15Ko8RMnHpJVzA2dcB6WcG_HARQHkkrgn

I have some photos about the developer VM that im using to compile the ISOs.
As you can see, i used Arc Menu (just because the NSX logo is there) and dash to dock. And yes, i also replaced the original wallpapers that came in Ubuntu 18.04 by other ones that i had there.

The install program can be started on UEFI mode using OEM Installation, but it will eventually fail during the file copy process, why not (and thats what happens for using Pinguy Builder)
In the live desktop, there is NO WAY to start the installation app, and thats the problem that i have with this distro.

And now, the question i've been trying to solve out for the last 5 months: How i can make the installation app work? Is there a way to make it work?
Im actually searching of how i can try to solve this problem, but any help can be accepted, why not.


edit: and yes, i posted it on the wrong section, oops :(
2nd edit: btw, the minimum requirements are the same as Ubuntu 18.04, which is a x64-based processor, 2gb of ram or more, and 20gb of free disk space
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