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FreetuxTV doesn't work.

Discussion in 'Linux Audio / Video' started by Crippled, Nov 19, 2015.

  1. Crippled

    Crippled Guest

    I have Manjaro 15.09 Xfce and I installed FreetuxTV. When I open it says, Synchronizing list of channels and about a minute later it closes. I have VLC player which is required to operate FreetuxTV. It did the same thing when I used openSUSE 13.2 when I had it. How do I get FreetuxTV to work?

  2. atanere

    atanere Guest

  3. Crippled

    Crippled Guest

    I think that's the problem because they came up with the same answer on https://www.linuxquestions.org. Looks like it's more trouble than it's worth and I will just un-install it because I don't want outdated software on my computer. The way I see it, who ever created FreetuxTV didn't check their work and falls under the category of Gargbage-ware. Thanks.
  4. atanere

    atanere Guest

    Yes, you may be right. Or maybe FreetuxTV just stopped development, while VLC continued. I just watched a YouTube video of FreetuxTV working nicely, but it was an old video. Thanks for the "Best Answer" report!

  5. Crippled

    Crippled Guest

    Your welcome.

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