Freespire please be clear about which desktop environment you offer


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May 3, 2023
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There's a new release of Freespire. But I don't know what I would get LOL. That's why I didn't open this thread in Ubuntu sub-forum. I have the one based on "Focal Fossa" v20.04 LTS. With KDE Plasma v5.18.

(This one has been one of the best installations I have, but it's booting very slowly, and when I want to fire up a Windows app for the first time, Wine holds up for at least a minute. Still, it's beautiful and Ubuntu-based and without Snaps, what much else to ask for?)

What is worrying is that, the screenshot on Freespire's page on Distrowatch is the same as on Freespire's main site. With GNOME, with that "dash to panel" extension that ZorinOS also uses that confuses some people. With GNOME v42, which might not appeal to some people expecting the latest, or the ones for example that have noticed what Debian "Bookworm" comes with.


Q) How many flavors of Freespire will there be?

There will be one. XFCE.

The page on Distrowatch also claims Freespire is offered only with XFCE.

(shakes head)

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