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Here's my problem: I have an HP Mini on which I used to be able to watch tv programs such as those on MSNBC and CPB. Now I am unable to do so and receive messages that I have to update Flash Player and need Foxfire 4 to do so. I am not an idiot and I know how to do these things in Windows and even on a Mac, but I have read some of the posts on this site, and they are gibberish because I don't know the jargon, so keep the answers in English, please, and tell me: 1) How do I find out if I even have Foxfire and, if so, which version? 2) If I don't, how do I add it or if I do, how do I update it if I have an earlier version? 3) I have been able to download Flash Player 11, (I think) but how do I install it? I will be looking forward to your replies.
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