Forward TLS packets for encrypted email


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Jul 18, 2022
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My question is more related to IMAP email than Linux. But I’d be using Linux to do it, so I thought to ask here.

So email is encrypted by TLS until it gets to the server. Is it possible given the existing IMAP email technology, to setup a customized VPS server that just forwards 100% of the incoming TLS packets to the home end-user?

In other words, using the VPS like a VPN, to give end-to-end encryption on the incoming TLS emails? This custom server wouldn't be an "email server", but just a forwarder. And it couldn't separate the emails into the different mail boxes, just dump em all there


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Dec 11, 2019
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Most email server you STARTTLS to setup an encrypted connections of the receiving mailserver supports it. From my knowledge of tls you can't technically forward just tls since tls is just and encryption layer around the actual data sent. Say you have VPS1 and VPS2 as example, what you could do is setup the mx records of your domain to point toward the hostname of VPS1. Then on VPS2 you could configure it to force to only allow encrypted incoming receiving connections. Then on VPS1 where the mail of your domain is received you could then setup forwarding to VPS2, if VPS2 is the final destination for your domains mail then there it would be sorted into folders and be read by an imap server.

So in short the mx records point to the first location where the mail is delivered you can then configure multiple relays until the mail for your domain arrives at the final destination where the mail sorted into folders and readable an imap server. That is basically how email forwarding works as well, it all depends on the mailroute and the final destination you have configured where the mail will be sorted into folders.

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