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Jul 2, 2023
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For the record, if you are interested in pentesting and you're brand new, I think you should absolutely use Kali. Any professional athlete or anyone who is competes at a high level will say, "practice how you play." You can't go to the batting cages and hope to be a great wide receiver. So what good does loading Mint or Unbuntu if you're not gonna use it. Kali is a debian based linux distro, it's not a maginal spell only to be used by wizards and warlocks. Same bash commands, same sudo, systemctl, apt the whole nine. The difficulty comes in setting up network configs to different use cases, but that's not a Kali thing that's a network knowledge thing.

You can spend the time learning some other distro and delay getting up to speed using Kali if you choose but I don't see the point. Just be aware you'll probably break a few, but I broke debian alot over the years, so what? That's how you learn. You'll get alot of hate from people for just using Kali and your not certified awesome at knowing linux distro's, just ignore it, you won't change minds and it distracts from your goals. Throw your question in my inbox if you're worried about be insulted or spoken down to.

Throw your question in my inbox...

We don't advocate one on one mentoring, as the public forums are for the benefit of the many, not just the one, in terms of information dissemination.

That being said, it is your choice to do so.


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