Apr 25, 2024
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I'm using FocusWriter to write a full scale novel on a highly researched subject. I was just wondering if it was possible, and if anyone knows how to insert an image into the middle of a word document. so that if i turned the document into an EBOOK or PDF file. Within the chapters I can insert images for the readers to see inside of the book.

Can anyone inform me?

On Linux you don’t need to use the M$ word format. You could use Libreoffice writer’s .odt format.

1. Save your finished book as .odt in Focuswriter.
2. Load the .odt into Libreoffice writer, then go to the page/s and cursor position/s where you want to insert an image and select "Insert->Image" in the main menu which will pop a dialog allowing you to specify an image to insert at the current cursor position.

3. After loading the image onto the page, if you select the image, you should see some handles around it which will allow you to scale/resize the image.

4. Move to the next place where you want an image.

5. Rinse and repeat until you’ve added all of the images you want to add.

6. Once you’ve got all of the images where you want them and at the size you want them, use "file->save as" to save as a different .odt file, JIC Focuswriter doesn’t support images in documents.

That way you have one .odt with your original, full text, which you can load back into focus writer and another version with the images inserted.

Focuswriter supports .odt files, so I suppose it should render images that already exist in a document, or at least show a placeholder. It may just be that it does not have a way to add images to a document. IDK - I’ve never used it.

6. After saving your illustrated book as a different .odt file, you can then export directly from Libreoffice writer to .pdf.

I can’t remember offhand if that’s under "File->Save as…" or "File->export". It’s been a while since I used Libreoffice for anything.

that's the same as I used to do when writing pub /music quizzes. Worked a treat.

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