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First things to do after installing Linux Mint 12

Discussion in 'Desktop / X' started by Rob, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. Rob

    Rob Guest

    So - Linux Mint 12 (rc) is pretty fancy... but it's missing some core elements that I use on a daily basis..

    1. Fix the crazy bold font in the terminal.. go into settings, remove bold and change font size from 12 to 8.
    2. Install vim (really?)
    3. Install google-chrome
    4. Install filezilla (use it in sftp mode!)
    5. I'll think of something else. I wanted to have 5 points...

    Other than that, the install is pretty much exactly like Ubuntu's 11.10 install. They even offer to 'upgrade' Ubuntu 11.10 to Mint 12 during install instead of replacing it.

    The MGSE overlay on gnome-shell is sweet - pretty much the reason I wanted to try Mint 12. It's working great on this old acer laptop (aspire 4720z).

    Have you tried it? What do you think?
  2. Haven't tried it yet, but I don't think I will, because I can get Gnome 3 on Ubuntu via the Software Center. What advantages does Mint 12 have over Ubuntu 11.10?
  3. ryran

    ryran Guest

    I don't see any reason to choose Ubuntu over Linux Mint in this day and age--unless you're using one of the specific -buntu spins, that is. The final release is pretty wicked-awesome. While I'm pretty attached to Fedora, I've got Mint12 on my multi-os usb and will certainly be recommending it lots of people.
  4. You didn't list any advantages though :p I would like specific examples.
  5. Victor Leigh

    Victor Leigh Guest

    I have Linux Mint 12 up and running on one of my pcs. Feels good. I am using it to set up a video editing machine. Tried to do that with Ubuntu Studio. Unsuccessfully. Works well with Mint 12.
  6. Jamsers

    Jamsers Guest

    Mint has more pre-installed stuff than Ubuntu, some of the most important ones are Flash, audio and video codecs, and some other applications and some proprietary drivers I assume. It is because of this that Linux Mint is considered more user friendly than even Ubuntu, because you can just install it and start using it right away, unlike in Ubuntu where you'll still have to install stuff that you need. Plus they have MGSE, which allows you to have a traditional interface as opposed to the new interfaces on distros nowadays like Unity and Gnome 3.
  7. Victor Leigh

    Victor Leigh Guest


    I have been playing around with Ubuntu and Mint for a while. The only difference that I can see is the desktop environment. If you run Ubuntu with LXDE, for example, and you run Mint with LXDE, too, then you don't see any difference between the two distros. btw the Debian version of Mint is next to useless for me. Debian is too bossy about what software we can use. For example, it's a hassle to install Firefox 10 because Debian insists that we use Iceweasel instead which is based on Firefox 3.
  8. Akendo

    Akendo Guest

    Minit is nothing else then a Ubuntu with a different Graphic Behaviour. You can simply use your home folder from Ubuntu(or any other Linux). Anyhow, i don't see much sense in using Mint above Ubuntu. When you like "style" you can easily to Ubuntu.
  9. It's a bit more than that. As others said, Mint comes with more software installed by default, so you're up and running quicker after a fresh install.
  10. Remp

    Remp Guest

    I used Mint for like 2 years on my old laptop, wich I recently got rid of. I really liked it by the way, but yeah, the only difference is that Mint comes with some extra pre-installed stuff, like Flash, and video codecs, and of course that shiny design.. (Personally I think it's better than Ubuntu's) So If someone wants a quick new fully functional system, I'd say go with Mint! It's really newbie friendly, just like Ubuntu.
  11. Akendo

    Akendo Guest

    So that making Ubuntu worse? Minit is Ubuntu with a another look and a hand full of "more" installed Packages. But to be honest... there is no different. Some more Packages installed making not better. The advantage is lost after 5 minutes running Ubuntu and installing what you need in a row of command.

    I like the Gnome 2.32 Desktop Version of Gnome 3, but you can have it as well on Ubuntu(so like any other distro). So when you running with Mint, that Ok. But else there is no sense in changing to it.

    so far
  12. Have you used Mint? There's quite a lot of differences between Mint and Ubuntu. One is the design, the other is the packages - and there's a lot more than a handful of extra packages.
  13. psufootball

    psufootball Guest

    Still haven't used Mint but it looks really cool, supposedly it also rather similar to Windows if you are just making the switch to Linux.
  14. Smokey

    Smokey Guest

    I still haven't tried Mint 12 yet. I'm still toying with different distros for my netbook. I might slap 12 XFCE on it if such a version exists and see how that runs....
  15. sam300

    sam300 Guest

    Mint is always better than Ubuntu and most of the aspects. I am currently using it. I love it's look.
  16. What makes Mint better than Ubuntu for you?
  17. jschuhr

    jschuhr Guest

    5. Delete the bottom panel and install docky
  18. Victor Leigh

    Victor Leigh Guest

    I think the choice depends on the needs of the user. Myself, I use Linux for the speed and the choice. Choice as in having control over what I want to put into. Not choice as in having pre-installed programs which I have to remove later.

    I have used Mint. And deleted it. Still can't beat Puppy for speed. As for programs, I prefer to load up Lubuntu and add in what I want when I need them.

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