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How do I install my mozzilla firefox profile in my windows 7 computer to my Linux mint computer? Is there a folder in linux mint that I need to open and copy my profile to?


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G'Day Bone52, and Welcome to

Have you ever set up the Synchronize area in Firefox on Windows 7 ??

If you have done that...
Your "synchronize" folder in Firefox browser which you have on windows 7, can be accessed on your Firefox browser in Linux.

Open Firefox on Linux
Click on the three horizontal lines up in the top right hand corner of any firefox page, and then go down the list to 'Preferences'
There is a search box at the top of the preferences page....type in synchronize
That will take you to the Sync are where you will enter the email address of your Firefox Account.
It will also ask for your Firefox account password
It will then send an email to your email will need to click on the link there to verify that it is you.

Once you have done that, the synchronize process will simply start....what ever you have chosen in Windows 7 will appear in firefox on linux.

Hope this helps


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1) Make directory .mozilla;
2) Copy C:\Users\%profile_name%\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla to .mozilla;
3) Rename Mozilla to .mozilla;
4) In first .mozilla directory make directory firefox;
5) Copy C:\Users\filopatr\AppData\Local\Mozilla\firefox\Profiles\yourprofile(like SoMerandomsymbols.default) to firefox;
Also you can try to copy C:\Users\filopatr\AppData\Local\Mozilla\firefox\Crash Reports to firefox to.
So .mozilla/.mozilla/ - your Roaming directory | .mozilla/firefox/ - your Local directory.
After that you should copy ./mozilla/ to your home directory
I hope that helps you

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