Finding windows .dll after backup

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Feb 14, 2021
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is there a simple way to find/remove the win .dill files and find/remove any other win junk?

LOL Kind of ironic i spent YEARS looking for missing .dill's and i find them on Linux.


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Apr 28, 2021
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LOL Kind of ironic i spent YEARS looking for missing .dill's and i find them on Linux.
Look several years ago my Daughter's W7 machine went wonky, and we could not do anything with it, she had several hundred holiday, granddaughter and other pictures she wanted me to save, out came my Linux rescue disk and I searched the hard drive for .jepg, up came hundreds of thumbnails, i took one look and said I will show you how to save them to the USB, but you had better do it as I am sure you don't want me to see some of these [she used to model skimpy undies and other things for a shopping channel], what do you mean she said, so I called up just 1 and showed her, But I deleted all those months ago, You may have deleted them in windows, but if they are not overwritten Linux will find them, I told her, so she sat at the dining table out of the way for a couple of hours saving what she wanted, I then install Mint 13 for her... moral of the story, nothing is lost or deleted till its overwritten,


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Apr 28, 2021
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in mint open files, then click on edit, then items matching [now here is the dodgy bit, you need to know the file extensions] so start with .dll in the search box, then you can try any other extension[ISPOILER

aac, adt, adtsWindows audio file
accdbMicrosoft Access database file
accdeMicrosoft Access execute-only file
accdrMicrosoft Access runtime database
accdtMicrosoft Access database template
aif, aifc, aiffAudio Interchange File format file
aspxASP.NET Active Server page
aviAudio Video Interleave movie or sound file
batPC batch file
binBinary compressed file
bmpBitmap file
cabWindows Cabinet file
cdaCD Audio Track
csvComma-separated values file
difSpreadsheet data interchange format file
dllDynamic Link Library file
docMicrosoft Word document before Word 2007
docmMicrosoft Word macro-enabled document
docxMicrosoft Word document
dotMicrosoft Word template before Word 2007
dotxMicrosoft Word template
emlEmail file created by Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, and other programs
epsEncapsulated Postscript file
exeExecutable program file
flvFlash-compatible video file
gifGraphical Interchange Format file
htm, htmlHypertext markup language page
iniWindows initialization configuration file
isoISO-9660 disc image
jarJava architecture file
jpg, jpegJoint Photographic Experts Group photo file
m4aMPEG-4 audio file
mdbMicrosoft Access database before Access 2007
mid, midiMusical Instrument Digital Interface file
movApple QuickTime movie file
mp3MPEG layer 3 audio file
mp4MPEG 4 video
mp4MPEG 4 video
mpegMoving Picture Experts Group movie file
mpgMPEG 1 system stream
msiMicrosoft installer file
muiMultilingual User Interface file
pdfPortable Document Format file
pngPortable Network Graphics file
potMicrosoft PowerPoint template before PowerPoint 2007
potmMicrosoft PowerPoint macro-enabled template
potxMicrosoft PowerPoint template
ppamMicrosoft PowerPoint add-in
ppsMicrosoft PowerPoint slideshow before PowerPoint 2007
ppsmMicrosoft PowerPoint macro-enabled slideshow
ppsxMicrosoft PowerPoint slideshow
pptMicrosoft PowerPoint format before PowerPoint 2007
pptmMicrosoft PowerPoint macro-enabled presentation
pptxMicrosoft PowerPoint presentation
psdAdobe Photoshop file
pstOutlook data store
pubMicrosoft Publisher file
rarRoshal Archive compressed file
rtfRich Text Format file
sldmMicrosoft PowerPoint macro-enabled slide
sldxMicrosoft PowerPoint slide
swfShockwave Flash file
sysMicrosoft DOS and Windows system settings and variables file
tif, tiffTagged Image Format file
tmpTemporary data file
txtUnformatted text file
vobVideo object file
vsdMicrosoft Visio drawing before Visio 2013
vsdmMicrosoft Visio macro-enabled drawing
vsdxMicrosoft Visio drawing file
vssMicrosoft Visio stencil before Visio 2013
vssmMicrosoft Visio macro-enabled stencil
vstMicrosoft Visio template before Visio 2013
vstmMicrosoft Visio macro-enabled template
vstxMicrosoft Visio template
wavWave audio file
wbkMicrosoft Word backup document
wksMicrosoft Works file
wmaWindows Media Audio file
wmdWindows Media Download file
wmvWindows Media Video file
wmz, wmsWindows Media skins file
wpd, wp5WordPerfect document
xlaMicrosoft Excel add-in or macro file
xlamMicrosoft Excel add-in after Excel 2007
xllMicrosoft Excel DLL-based add-in
xlmMicrosoft Excel macro before Excel 2007
xlsMicrosoft Excel workbook before Excel 2007
xlsmMicrosoft Excel macro-enabled workbook after Excel 2007
xlsxMicrosoft Excel workbook after Excel 2007
xltMicrosoft Excel template before Excel 2007
xltmMicrosoft Excel macro-enabled template after Excel 2007
xltxMicrosoft Excel template after Excel 2007
xpsXML-based document
zipCompressed file
[/ISPOILER] [see list below]
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Jul 23, 2020
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Wait for someone to verify this...

sudo rm *.dll /

That'd remove all .dll files on your computer. It seems like there's probably a fancier solution, but that should work.

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