file system group access borked?


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Dec 3, 2018
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I have just mounted an NFS file system on my computer. On my laptop, if I set the directory permissions to root:carl 770, I can access just fine. However, I need to make sure other users can access as well. So I created a group called nfs-users and made myself a member. I then did chmod root:nfs-users and can no longer access the NFS share. Switching the permissions back does re-grant me access. I then created another sub-directory and changed the rights to be identical to the NFS directory and an access it just fine. I am mounting the NFS folder in the fstab file using these parameters (ComputerName:/mnt/md0 /mnt/nfs nfs auto,rw,user,sync,suid,dev,exec 0 0). Any ideas why I can access the folder if the group name is carl but not if the group name is nfs-users?

BTW, I did log out and back in again after creating the group, just in case that was the issue.

I figured it out. Although I was setting the permissions on the local computer, it was changing the permissions on the server. The group I created was local but the server didn't have such a group, so no access to the non-existant group.

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