Figured I probably aught to do this


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I've been visiting for a while now but never introduced myself. I figured I probably aught to do that. My name is Carl, 52. I live in Chicago now, but I've lived in MI, FL, OK and TX, US. Career-wise most of it was Windows Server support. I"m not doing Linux server deployment engineering.
I've been with my second wife for the past 19 years. I have 2 grown kids and 2 highschoolers. The 2 grown kids have kids each, same sex as parent, so my Son had 3 boys (one more in the oven, don't know the sex) and my Daughter had 3 girls. And my dog, she's a brindle boxer, pit, lab mix, 9 years old.
I've been using Linux since Fedora Core 7 (2007). I've distro jumped many times. But I always favor KDE for the desktop experience. I like Enlightenment but it's a bit lacking in my experience. Over the years I haven't contributed to Linux much. Mostly just ask for help. So I decided I should change that and try to help others as much as I can. When I started visiting I found that I really liked some of the people who where answering questions and liked the format of the forum itself. I like that it doesn't cater to one thing or another (i.e. Ubuntu forums cater to Ubuntu and stick us Neon users in a corner at the back of the room).
My personal likes are Linux, gaming, rollerblading but I don't get to do that much anymore, weightlifting but I've been very lazy about that for the past 5 months or so, Keto - I've lost over 35 lbs in the past 5 months without going to the gym, cars specifically Dodge Chargers, I've had 5 over the years.
My browser of choice is Firefox. I've been using it exclusively away from work since .5. I hate pretty much anything related to Google. For all computing away from the desktop (phone, tablet, TV) I use Apple exclusively. I'd love to have a Linux phone, but I'm not going with a company that's going to track every where I go virtually and physically. Not to mention all the malware that comes with using it.
Did I leave anything out? :)


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Did I leave anything out? :)
SysVinit or systemd? No, no, no... just kidding! Let's don't go there! :eek::eek::D:D

Just wanted to stop in briefly and welcome you, neighbor! We're close enough to have lunch together, although I don't actually cross the state line very often anymore (I'm in NW IN). Glad to have you aboard and hope that you'll be able to visit often and help others here!



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Thanks Atanere, aka neighbor. I've been doing my best assist and plan to keep trying where I can.


Keto - I've lost over 35 lbs in the past 5 months without going to the gym, ...
The Keto diet? Did you start it after seeing the documentary on Netflix?

I saw that documentary and started gradually shifting my diet. Since I love sausage and salami it didn't take much convincing. But that's when I found out I have a huge gallstone.

My heart seems to be fine with it, but my gallbladder protests painfully when I eat too much fat. So I've swung in the other direction.

No problems with your gallbladder?

I hate pretty much anything related to Google.
"Hate" is too strong, but I distrust Google. Do you use the Startpage search engine?


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You're right Kenjackson. Hate is too strong. I dislike them and with the exception of Youtube, do everything I can to stay away from them. I have Chromium installed so I can watch Youtube in a sandbox. I use DuckDuckGo for the search engine. As for Keto, I decided to try it before knowing about the Netflix documentary. I haven't actually watched it yet. My wife jumped onboard a couple weeks after me because she was doing the 'depriving myself' diet and was getting jealous of all the great food I was eating. Anyway, some time after she started, she watched the documentary and told me I should. I just haven't gotten to it yet. As for Gallstones and staying away from Keto, there's a doctor on Youtube that I listen to, Dr Berry. He doesn't sell anything and doesn't have any advertisements so he's not making any money off of his vids, unless you donate to his Patreon account. Anyway I trust what he says and looked up the Gallstones issue. Basically he says you have them due to eating a low fat diet. So by not staying on Keto, you may be contributing to it getting worse. You might want to get them dissolved and then go back to Keto. I plan on staying on Keto the rest of my life. The only thing I'll do differently when I'm completely happy with my weight is to add potatoes back in, occasionally not every day. :)
If you're interested in the vid, here's the link


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Did I leave anything out? :)
Social Security number and details to your bank accounts might be useful :D

Nice intro, Carl.

So I decided I should change that and try to help others as much as I can.
Whenever I read the word "epithany" it sounds like the person has a lisp (I have a small lisp, have had it since the age of 6 or 7).

But we have epithanies of one type or another. With Brian (@Condobloke ) and me it was discovering Linux at different times, but when we were in the same Forum. And then, on a "pay it forward" basis, as soon as we learned enough to be able to help others, we did so. That, IMO, is a great attitude, and while we value all Members here, the ones who get in and help are worth diamonds :)

Friday evening here in Oz, so to all



BTW - BB (@Bayou Bengal ) and Tobey (@xXNORDXx ) are SO going to be in here, to talk cars, lol.

Bayou Bengal

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BTW - BB (@Bayou Bengal ) and Tobey (@xXNORDXx ) are SO going to be in here, to talk cars, lol.
I wasn't going to mention I am a former Mopar junkie, but since the Wizard invited me, my favorite was the 1972 body style. I had one in sky blue while I was in the military. It had a 400 in it, with the Carter Thermo Quad. Yeah, I blew that engine up so I swapped it out for a 440 Six-Pac! :D


I'm a former Toyota,Nissan,Mitsubishi,Honda,Mazda,and windows junkie. I'm going to meetings for it.


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Nice Intro. As far as Google goes, I am good with their Pixel and old Nexus equipment. I just took some time and practice to rooting their equipment and turning it into a great system. Sounds almost like Arch, doesn't it? Anyway, keep up the good posts and talk to you soon.


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